Scripture Highlights from my Youth; Jacob

jacob-2-18RE: This weekend I asked my kids to bring me a Book of Mormon.  They brought me the Book of Mormon I owned in my youth.  The passages in the scriptures that I highlighted are very telling it is like reading a journal.

Jacob 2:17-19

[17] Think of your brethren like unto yourselves, and be familiar with all and free with your substance, that they may be rich like unto you.
[18] But before ye seek for riches, seek ye for the kingdom of God.
[19] And after ye have obtained a hope in Christ ye shall obtain riches, if ye seek them; and ye will seek them for the intent to do good — to clothe the naked, and to feed the hungry, and to liberate the captive, and administer relief to the sick and the afflicted.

i.e. The Lord blesses his people with wealth if they seek to do good.
Jacob 4:5
[5] Behold, they believed in Christ and worshiped the Father in his name, and also we worship the Father in his name. And for this intent we keep the law of Moses, it pointing our souls to him; and for this cause it is sanctified unto us for righteousness, even as it was accounted unto Abraham in the wilderness to be obedient unto the commands of God in offering up his son Isaac, which is a similitude of God and his Only Begotten Son.
i.e. I was focused on the fact that I believe in Christ.

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