Best Pins for April 2012

Best Pin April 1st

Your Children Want You!
I just love those pins that change you. This great post speaks directly to the heart of us avid pinners. April helps us remember our priorities. Children want their mothers time more then anything, even fancy projects made with buttons, and all the other pinteresting things.

Best Pin Apr2nd

Why are homeschooled kids so annoying?
The first place pin inspired me. This 2nd place pin inspired my daughter. It helped her look at herself through new eyes and say to herself… “See I am great just the way I am.” and “There is a good reason why I like to ask lots of questions.” This post also helped me say to myself “Calm down, different is good, different was the goal after all.”

Best Pin April 3rd

10 Habits for a Well-Run Home
I have read many homemaking books, followed homemaking blogs. I am always looking for the magic way to make homemaking easier. I have seen lots of pins go by with simplified cleaning lists. But this post was different. This post talks about good habits and how they can help the home run more smoothly. I loved this simplified and new way to look at homemaking.


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