Learning to Animate with Anime Studio

I am using Anime Studio Pro to learn to create animations. I have made three very simple videos.

Mixi Swirl is a very simple video with me getting use to the time line and how things move in the time line. The beginning effect of all the lines separating was created by copying and pasting and using the same shape over and over.

Rain Drops, again I copy and paste the same image over and over, but for some unknown reason each paste does not morph from the original like in mixi swirl. Again I am just playing with the timeline feature but being more deliberate in what the outcome is.

Leo is a man made from basic shapes. I placed the shapes over Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man (thus his name) to get the proportions just correct. My goal here was not to create a great looking character but to learn to make a convincing animation walk.

Here is the image of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man that I used. Yes I did put in the leaf, my kids were watching me animate, I did not mean this video to be an anatomy lesson.


The background behind Leo is a wonderful old Disney image that shows how to animate different movements. Here is the image.

pbanimation26 (1)

I got this wonderful image from animationarchive.org check it out for more how to animate drawings by Preston Blair.

I learned how to do the Bone Rigging in this video Anime Studio Bone Rigging Tutorial from http://www.CartoonLearning.com

I learned how to do the Walk Cycle form this video Anime Studio tutorial 02 – Walk cycle animation.


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