Signs of Brain Plaque


This post and other posts tagged “The Muffin Mama” are from a blog I had that was dedicated to Aluminum Allergy.

I worked on remodeling and moving for two months straight. When all that insanity was finally over I crashed for two weeks. Thankfully a understanding good friend tried to keep me encouraged. I could have blamed it on being in my first trimester of my pregnancy still… and It also could have been aluminum exposure or brain plaque… Most likely now in hind sight I can see that my friend was correct, I was just worn out and needed to recoup. It was a hard two weeks to sleep and sleep and sleep and get the bare minimums done of feeding the kids and keeping the kitchen clean. I was rather impatient with myself and very frustrated.

Thankfully now that things have calmed down we eat at home all the time. This makes a big difference with aluminum exposure. Even when being careful I was being exposed to aluminum while eating out, it is really quite a trick to accomplish. Now I have no sources of aluminum exposure in my little “safety net” at home. But still signs of aluminum plaque is there.
One day my friend and neighbor dropped off her kids for a play date with my kids. I was going to write down her cell phone # so I could call her if/ when the kids were done playing. I sat there with a blank paper in front of me because I could not remember her name. I guess, if I was thinking, I could have just written down her phone number and add in her name when my brain remembered it again… Instead I asked her for her name, she looked offended, like “you don’t remember my name?” sigh… got to love plaque.
At work I am always forgetting my passwords, sitting in front of a screen asking my brain to please pull up the important information so I can log into work… But I think that is somewhat normal right? Many people forget their passwords… especially because they always change.
I still forget some tasks I am working on in mid task. I still … I just forgot what I was going to write next..
I can not complete a prayer. I am sure the Lord understands and forgives my forgetfulness. I will kneel down to pray and start into my prayer….. then within a little while I will “wake up” and realise I am talking about random stuff in my brain that has nothing to do with my prayer. At that point I always apologise and close the prayer. Thankfully if I am saying a prayer out loud I can complete it, but when I am saying silent prayer, I rarely ever complete it.
I still do not remember what I was going to write above. There are more signs of plaque but I am not remembering them right now.

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