Symptoms of Aluminum from Unknown Sources


When we were in the middle of the remodel I seemed to have days when I felt aluminified, and I could not figure out the source. Because of the remodel and us spending most of our time in a home with no appliances, we ate out allot. When I had phantom alluminified days I would figure that even though I was being careful with fast food, something I ate still contained aluminum. I would then try to study it out and figure out what it was that had aluminum in it. One of these times it was because the granola in the McDonald’s parfait had aluminum in it. I got to where I could, for the most part eat at McDonald’s and avoid aluminum. Then I decided to take on another fast food place. Wendy’s has always been a family favorite and is the closest, so we started there. I have not figured out how to totally avoid aluminum there yet. I think the salt packages that came with my baked potato were the culprit, and of course the cheese sauce they seem to put on everything. Carl’s Jr. seems promising, both times I ate the teriyaki burger I seemed to avoid aluminum symptoms.

I have been extremely blessed to be able to be pregnant. I have a high miscarry rate in my later life. Even still I am at week 12 successfully with no bad signs at all. I am very thankful for this.

I feel sleepy all the time now. And that is actually a good sign, it shows that my body is having all the right symptoms. My sleepiness seems to be a bit more mild as I am moving out of my first trimester. I am sure the pregnancy and the sleepiness has something to do with it, but I seem to feel mildly aluminified most of the time, and some days worse then others. I am not taking any pharmaceuticals, because I suspect aluminum in them. Instead I am taking one of the best prenatals my local health food store recommends. I have looked all over it it is held together with things like per-geletinizd starch and wax, I can not find any reason to suspect it of aluminum. I am also taking wheat germ oil and fish oil. Other then the gel caps I can not suspect them of aluminum. My family does not eat out much at all lately. I just cant seem to shake this mild alumified feeling.

I had grand ideals of moving to my new home and having everything be different. I felt like with aluminum out of my symptom I could finally become the person I wanted to be, that always seemed just out of reach. Instead I sleep most of the day and am happy to keep my family fed and my kitchen clean.


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