What went wrong today


  • It was cold 71, all I want to do is crawl in bed when it is cold.
  • I had a dream about a miscarriage.
  • I forgot about the primary activity today and did not take my kids to it.
  • Brother Gray asked me to feed the missionaries, I did not say no because I felt I should say yes.
  • I could not work, my work computer would not power on.
  • I will not be able to work tomorrow because I will be waiting for my computer still.
  • We have no money, I am stressed about paying all the bills.
  • windows antivirus did not work.
  • nod32 antivirus did not work.
  • I lost the photos on the kidi art studio of Khali’s family and they were my favorites.
  • I slept in.
  • I did not know where to start for the home project.
  • I started a master plan for the moving, instead of just starting in, and the master plan stressed me out.
  • I put in allot of work, and deleted allot of photos, and only cleared up a little bit of computer space.
  • I was stressed because I lost my work computer so I downloaded carbonite on my home pc.
  • carbonite is only a 15 day trial and we can not afford to buy it in 15 days, I thought it was at least a 30 day trial.
  • The first back up takes a long time at carbonite.
  • The phone lines at the new home have a buz that will get in the way of me working.
  • I do not want to call Brother Gray back and cancel the missionary dinner. But we don’t have enough money for a nice dinner for the missionaries.
  • I wonder if there was aluminum in the pizza at the party last night….
  • DUH!! there was aluminum in the cup cakes. that is the real problem!

What did I do today that worked

  • I deleted allot of photos from the computer to clear up space.
  • I downloaded carbonite.

What was today like

  • I laid in bed allot.
  • I did not want to be around my kids.
  • I normally love cleaning my new home and wake up right away because I have so much I want to get done.
  • Instead today I dreaded cleaning.
  • I tried to plan today instead of working, which stressed me out more.
  • I got nothing done…
  • I normally get quite a bit done.
  • I was cold.
  • I could not stand any noises the kids made more then chatter.
  • and even the chatter was only tolerable when I was in a different room.
  • I did not get anything done, this is the most frustrating.
  • I was in a bad mood all day.
  • I was impatient with the kids.
All of this because I forgot and ate a cupcake at my nieces birthday party last night.

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