Update on my church calling…

At first, I had a hard time going to relief society after so many years of being in the primary. I love the benefits our family experiences from the church organizations, and I know they are all ran by volunteers, someone must make each organization work if we are to have it.

My ward is so small that everyone has at least one calling, some people two or three. This small ward helps everyone feel important and counted. This we love.

The bishop and everyone who became aware of me turning down my calling and why, were more then very understanding, they were very caring. But I still was afraid to sit in Relief Society as one of the few people who don’t have a calling, I was afraid it would feel to me and others like I was not pulling my weight. Thankfully, and predictably I got no such feeling.

When a calling changes in my small ward the bishop plays musical callings, as a ward we joke about it. It becomes a complicated dance of moving everyone around to a new seat without one calling left unfilled. I believe this last round of musical callings was really complicated for the bishop. Two of the most reliable mutual leaders asked to be relieved, as well as some of the primary presidency, and me as a teacher, and his wife as a member of the relief society presidency. I was not the only one that asked to have no calling for a while, there were at least three of us that did. For such a small ward, three key members all asking for a relief from callings for a time, is a significant thing. We have a hard time filling callings as it is. I can only imagine that it was difficult for the bishop to work out.

On Sunday all the organizations were still running smoothly with their newest changes, and every thing looks like it worked out. And I believe I will be comfortable attending relief society, and having no calling for a while.


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