The following post is written very quickly to get you caught up, before I need to go make dinner, sorry for how rough it is.

I planned to write on Saturday, but then my DH had the day off unexpected. Then I planned on writing on Sunday… And I can not remember why I did not.. Then I told myself for sure I wanted to write on Monday, but again my DH had the day off… And now again Today I told myself for sure to write.. but then I got distracted with updating my kids homeschool blog. By the time I realised that I had used my writing time my kids were hungry and I had to attend to them…. And then my DH got the day off again…… He had been getting allot of time off to give me support, which has been wonderful…

Actually… I told myself that I was dwelling too much on me. You have told me little tid-bits about yourself here and there, and I have felt uncomfortable getting too personal in your life if you did not want to.. Then I realized before the weekend that I was being too self absorbed and that I should go ahead and respond to the things you wrote about your life that interested me. But that type of writing would take more thought and focus. So I always tried to plan for uninterrupted time to give you a more thoughtful response… which, alas is not something that comes my way often. So it kept getting pushed off. I did not realize until now how long it had been, I was thinking it had only been a few days. I did update the blog.. oh, on Saturday I was going to write to you, but the blog took longer then I expected.

I am glad to report that i have gotten a TON done. I have cleaned out my kitchen, and mostly cleaned out my office. And the dumpster did come finally, that is another reason I was occupied, and cleaned off my garage.

Through advice from a friend I have retaken up daily scripture reading with my kids, though I had recently rebelled against it.

This might be another reason I did not post today.. Or Monday.. I took a urine test, and it tested almost no aluminum. So either I am a hypochondriac, or the test is a 24 hour test and only shows me I am doing good to keep it out of my diet, or some other explanation…
got to run.

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