An Update

MMama3That totally fits my life. Since you said that I have looked back over my life and seen how socially awkward I was, and I am glad I have learned as many social lessons as I have so far, thankfully I can now participate in a neighborhood more effectively. Growing up with aluminum has seemed to effected my social skills.

I can PLAN on a good day… almost. It is amazing. I long ago gave up planning on anything, and how I would do it. I avoid aluminum at all costs in food now. I never want another day like after that danish. I went to my SIL’s home again on Sunday, I ate no cake, and no cookies and cream ice cream… but I did eat the chocolate ice cream.

My husband took 4-5 days off of his second job over these past two weeks. It has been amazing! You are right, I am so fortunate to have him. When he is home or will be home in the evening I don’t flow into a thoughtful mood, so I never sit down to write. But when I am alone for a good part of the day, I do.

We cleaned out part of the pantry… On Saturday we cleaned the Master Room, even under the bed. Now I am going to go sort out bins in the organisers and closet…. TTFN (as Tigger would say to Winnie the Pooh, Tah Tah For Now)


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