A solution after all this time…

MMama3After that danish I ate at my SIL’s I see what I am up against with aluminum. I do not like it. I can not estimate for you how many dark days of my life have been spent just like that. I can not recapture how much of a failure I felt I was, and how much I felt I was choosing to be lazy. It is such a relief to know what causes that. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I struggled greatly with aluminum up and until the moment I no longer had the strength to struggle against it, then I found JoAnne Struve’s web page….

No that does not do justice to the Lord. He is not the one that started all of this. He is against aluminum poisoning I am sure. But alas, society has to learn from our mistakes, so that means we need to see the consequences of the past. I just finally, after years of research and reading, asked the right question and got the right answer…. That is not quite right either….
I remember the day I found out about aluminum. It was a frustrating day. I could not get myself to do any work, I was shut down, agitated, and my brain was foggy. I remembered how a few days earlier I had thought about how aluminum was a known cause of short term memory loss, which was the symptom that I was noticing the most. I really wanted to be working, and was afraid I would waste my time if I logged back on the the Internet, but the Lord told me to do it anyways, I am so glad I did.

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