Feeling Good

MMama3Today the city is leaving a dumpster at our home. We had hoped to have the home cleaned out and all the extra unwanted stuff, that was not good enough for the DI, ready to go into the dumpster. But alas that is not where we are at. I took today off of work because I feel and inspiration coming on, and I am ready to attack my home. These To-Do lists on here have proven to be helpful so I am going to try that again today. Well.. Actually my to do list is simple to get me started.

  1. Move the van off of the driveway so the dumpster has room.
  2. find garbage bags
  3. Bring in a handful of boxes.
  4. tape together two boxes, 1 for keeps, and 1 for DI.
  5. Turn on Klove in the office.
  6. Start sorting through boxes, quickly, send most stuff to the DI or dumpster.
  7. Report in here my progress.
Sounds good, lets go!
My husbands idea of taking very little, so we can start over new, has really simplified the process…
My plan was open up ever bin, shelf, box, place where stuff is. Pick up each item and as yourself, do I love it enough to put it away, if yes then ask yourself where does it go, sort by room. The thought process is too complicated and emotional. Now instead I ask myself do I throw it away or send it to the DI, and if I find I rebel against getting rid of it I keep it. My goal is to give away or throw away over 50% of the stuff.. lets see how I do.

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