Avoiding Crisis Living

avoidingWell I just stumbled across this little lesson, while using google to make sure I was using the term “Crisis Living” correctly.

Avoiding Crisis Living, “Lesson 44: Avoiding Crisis Living,” Young Women Manual 3, 160

1. Establish priorities. Each week or each day, consider what you have to do; then decide which things are most important. Do the most important things first.

2. Eliminate unimportant things. You may find that some of your activities only waste time and do not add much to your life. Eliminate the unimportant things.

3. Improve work and study habits. Discipline yourself to work and study hard. Start on long-term projects well before they are due.

4. Recognize your limitations. Remember that no one can do everything. Be realistic in your expectations of yourself. Avoid comparing your abilities with those of others.


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