Resolution of yesterdays stresses

MMama3Last night I realized I have a bit of a harder time relating to my 2nd child because she is so high energy. I wonder if I can figure out a way to spend one on one time with here that is calmer so I can relate to her more.

Spending one on one time with my boy went wonderfully, I helped him make an optimus prime face mask.
Many things are settled for today, my cousin is going to stay at the stake center while I go downtown, and it is ok we are doing different things.
My SIL Renee wants me to work it out so her daughter can come with me or our cousin, but that would require me calling the activity coordinator when originally I did not need to. Renee’s daughter already has plans for woman’s conference, I think the best thing is to leave it as it is. I will tell this to Renee.
Renee is going to watch my kids.. this is good.. But she wants to watch them at my home.. this is bad.. My objection does not hold much water, because I would object to how orderly my home is. Perfect, is Renee’s reply, all the more reason for her to come and clean while she is watching my kids. Which leaves me feeling a bit invaded, but I guess I will like the help. Though i will hate the social situation it will turn into. So I will spend today getting this place ready for Renee.
The Muffin Mama

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