Many wonderful things to report…

MMama3At any moment my husband will walk in the door, done with his second job. Sometime I should go into my praises I have for him. Not the lest of which working two jobs to help us get our home and get out of debt. When he gets home I will stop typing no matter where I am, because this is the lest I could do for a man who works so hard.

The best part to report about my day is that I am not shut down, stressing about how much Renee saw about my life that was negative.
After Renee left I found I was totally stressed and feeling like the lowest looser. I flopped on my bed. This is a normal pattern around here. Someone judges Mama, or doesn’t and she feels judged anyways, and Mama feels shut down. I was ready for a good sulk and to stress continually about the many things that seemed to come up while Renee was here. Thankfully I felt that I should pray. I got on my knees and told the Lord my stress, and amazingly I felt immediate peace. I felt that my offering to the world, while imperfect, was good enough, and that the Lord will make it all work out. I had no fear of the possible gossip that could result from such a visit, I just felt calm and reassured that it would all be ok. Amazingly enough, I got right off my bed and went back to cleaning off my counter. My husband called me on his way home to check on me and see how I was holding up after the visit of my SIL, he was amazed to find me in such a good mood also. I can not tell you how much of my life I wasted stressing about the possible gossip that might spread about me.
The kids has poured water on my keyboard and it shut down on Saturday night. So I had to shut down and let it air out over night.

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