Shutting Down

MMama3When I am stressed about something my brain freezes up and stops thinking… I then decide to ignore the problem, or I get side tracked with something else. Or I go lay down in my dark room and stress. Stressful problems = Mama Shuts down.

None of those actions actually solves the problem. So I am left with something like tomorrow. I want to go to Woman’s Conference, and dinner at the steak center. But, my husband works. I don’t want to ask my Sister In Law to watch the kids, because she always helps, and I don’t want to over do it. I can not ask my mother she is out of town. I can not ask my nieces or my other SIL because they will be watching the Woman’s Conference also. Also, I can not ask the young ladies in the neighborhood to babysit, because the home is too messy. So what have I done to solve this… shut down.
Also, I signed up to go see the conference live, and my cousin signed up to go see it on video at the steak center, and we are suppose to be going together. Again, I shut down and did not solve it.
Now it is too late at night to do anything to solve it, maybe I should go lay down in a dark room and stress about it more, and see if I come up with a solution.
  1. Ok, I should call my cousin tomorrow morning, and verify that she wants to watch it at the steak center. Which she does…
  2. Then I should call the activity coordinator and tell her we will not be going down town, and find out if someone else wants our tickets…
  3. Then I should ask my SIL Dee to watch the kids but give her every opportunity to back out. Maybe I could ask my other SIL Renee and her kids first, they might just be planning to listen to the radio at home. Ok I will start there, call Renee and kids then call Dee, if I need to.
The Muffin Mama

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