Remembering my pills….

MMama3I am struggling to remember what I was going to write next, up till now I have been able to cover up the flaws this causes, but it is getting harder to keep it covered. When I am anxious or having a hard time thinking my head gets overheated and feels all clogged up. I remember…. Medical…

I have thyroid problems, anxiety, and chronic anemia. All my biological children have chronic anemia. I was on prescriptions for all of these. But I found that my worst enemy was my memory. I could not remember to take my pills regularly enough. In the end the medications were causing more trouble then helping because of how sporadic I was taking them. For this reason I went to see an herbalist. The herbs were more gentle then the prescriptions, so I did not have extreme side effects for not remembering to take them on a normal basis. My last check up with my midwife my anemia and my thyroid were within normal levels. I feel the herbs have helped allot, but in a gentle way.

I am having anxiety when I think about seeing a medical doctor again. I researched and found the best thyroid doctor in the state, who is well known and highly sought after for his medical knowledge. Even though I highly value and respect my doctor I am anxious about going through the medical process again. I know he will believe me and listen, he is a wonderful patient advocate, but I am not sure I want to take on the roller-coster of forgotten medication again. And some medication can get in the way of the herbs healing, though I would think that thyroid medicine is low on that risk. I am trying to talk myself into going back.


2 thoughts on “Remembering my pills….

  1. Thank you for reading all of these!! I am transferring my old blog posts off of some of my old blogs. These were written back in 2009. But it was very interesting to me to see how much of this I still struggle with in my life. I still have a lot of these same struggles.


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