Eating out, and eating aluminum…

MMama3At the bottom of the article Taking Aluminum Out Of The Diet by JoAnne Struve it lists several fast food places that contain aluminum. I just tried to eat out with little aluminum, and failed.

My fridge is not working correctly, we thought it was holding in the cold better then it was. Today when I went to make lunch everything I would have made it with had gone bad. Of course I had started making lunch late so I had anxious and hungry kids. After fumbling around for a while I told the kids we had to go and get food.
While driving I told the kids about aluminum, and explained why we would be eating differently today. I ordered fruit and yogurt parfaits for each kid, and hamburgers with no cheese or pickles, and french fries. I thought this would avoid most aluminum, but as I pulled up to get my order I remembered that there was a concern about aluminum in salt. I hoped for the best anyways. Now I have just refereed to Taking Aluminum Out Of The Diet and realised that aluminum was in the salt. 😦 Better luck next time.

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