Clutter, Clutter, Everywhere!

My home is not getting cleaned or packed right now. I need to do better here. Frist off I think I need to regulate my sleep better…. Then…

When I try to make a plan on what to clean/ pack next, it sounds great at the time. Then the next day when it is time to do the cleaning and packing that plan does not suite me. So I rebel against cleaning and packing and don’t do anything. Next day I am back to making a plan.
Oh, I remember now my solution. Books on tape, CD or Ipod. Listen to stories while you work, to keep you focused, positive and your brain active on something other then worrying that nothing will go right. By listening to stories my brain stays occupied and positive so I can work. I have a harder time now, then I use to, working while listening to a story, but I still get allot more done when I have something to listen to.
The Muffin Mama

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