Webkinz Birthday Party ideas #2

webkinz-101. Pup cakes- Instead of Birthday cake, make cup cakes. Decorate each one with a paw print.  (Icing idea. Place Frosting in a zippy bag and cut off one corner. Use this to decorate the cup cakes.)

2. Mini Pup Cakes- Make mini cup cakes for your Webkinz animals.
3. Treasure hunt-buy prizes or treasures. Hide each prize in a “rock.” Crumple up newspaper around each prize so it looks like a rock.  Hide “rare” prizes in a different colored paper and tell guests they can only get one “rare” rock.  Hide rocks or scatter rocks over the lawn for guests to race for.
4. Pin the W on your favorite Webkinz.
5. Tiger dogs-A unique food inspired by the food chef Gazpacho cooks. Cook hot dogs on the grill so they are striped like tigers.  Have the chef wear a name tag that says Chef Gazpacho.
8.Prize ideas- Littlest Pet shop animals, or other small animals. Webkinz cards or card packs.  Print out Webkinz bookmark image below.
7. Have invites say “bring your favorite stuffed animal.”
8. Stuffed Animal Game- Have guests sit in a circle with their stuffed animal in their lap.  Get the group repeating this pattern, Clap Clap snap Snap. Take turns going around the circle saying your animals sound on the “snap snap’!
Now play a game of Memory. One person starts the game
by saying their own animals sound during the clap clap, then saying another players sound during the snap snap.  The new person then says their sound during the clap clap and another players sound during the snap snap.  Repeat.
To make the game more advanced- each time a player messes up the players move to a new stuffed animal (stuffed animals stay in place). Players move one left if a boy messes up and two to the right if a girl messes up.
9. Duck Duck Goose is a great party game for younger kids.
10. Craft Idea-Make bow ties for the stuffed animals to dress up in. Hair bow for girl animals, a neck bow for boy animals.
(Make bow ties out of felt. cut a rectangle shape in felt gather it in the middle with thread sew on an elastic loop that stretches over the animals heads or around their necks.  Guests can decorate felt bows with glitter glue pens, fabric markers or other items.)
11. Fill out My Favorite Things paper about you and your stuffed animal.
Webkinz 4 Webkinz 6 Webkinz 7 Webkinz 8 Webkinz 5 Webkinz 9 Webkinz 10

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